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How can I freelance? What do I need for it?

Everyone can freelance!

You need:

  • A verified payment method like Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer..

In order to get paid for the work you do, the most important thing is to have a way in witch clients can send you money.

  • An account on a freelancing website

You have to register to the freelancing site where you want to work. You can choose among several freelancing websites, but I recommend Upwork. The most safe freelancing website I ever worked on.

  • Something that you are good at

It can be writing, translation, costumer service, marketing, and lots of other categories. You know what you can do best.

  • Motivation and a good attitude

Don’t even think about freelancing if you will give up after the first disappointment, because it is possible that there will be some situations where you will have to push yourself even if it seems impossible to accomplish a goal.


Those are some main things you need for the start. You will of course learn how to deal with situations with time. Most important thing- Never give up!